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cambridge commons

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The Cambridge Commons

We campaign against harmful gaps between rich and poor.


Fair Pay

  • Employers pay the Living Wage
  • Our council’s pay ratio is lowest in the UK
  • Council contracts go to low pay ratio firms

Fair Policies

  • We measure how policy impacts inequality
  • Inequality tzar drives wealth gap reduction
  • Food and fuel poverty are erased

Fair Work

  • Workers sit on company boards
  • We lead the UK for co-ops and mutuals
  • Secure contracts have replaced zero hours

Fair Housing

  • New builds include 40% low-cost housing
  • Progressive property tax is introduced
  • Social housing decline is reversed

Fair Chances

  • Health gap is lowest in Europe
  • Elderly and vulnerable get care when in need
  • World class education for all with no selection

Fair Environment

  • We are zero carbon by 2035
  • Public transport innovation tackles car congestion
  • Green and public spaces are revitalised


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