Our Aims

  • To architect solutions that economically and socially strengthen local communities
  • To develop technology that is owned and used by communities to aid in peer to peer support, sharing, local trading, transport and logistics and community cohesion
  • To invert the economic model that sees profits filtering up to few people at the top, to a system where the profits / benefits are shared out fairly between all
    • Examples / ideas
    • Uber, AirBnB, JustEat, Ebay, Gumtree are all very good at allowing individuals/small businesses to enter large markets by directly connecting/trading with people/customers . But at the same time the owners of this technology/platforms generate vast profits by placing commissions on these interactions. Imagine these systems / technologies existing but taking little or no commissions.
    • Small shops and local producers may struggle to access the full market of their local community because so many people prefer to buy from supermarkets because of their convenience. We could create an online local supermarket that combined all the products available from all the local shops and producers. Develop a smart logistics solution where a communally run delivery van/s would distribute the goods bought. In this model the money now stays within the local community rather than exiting it to companies like ASDA ( owned by USA Walmart ) for eg.
    • There are people in crisis within our local communities , disabled, mentally ill, struggling to find work, those in work but below the poverty line. We could develop support networks where those in difficult situations could post their needs , and those with charitable natures within their community could help, with food parcels, loaning household items, offer moral support and advice etc . People directly supporting those within their community.
    • Lift sharing
    • FreeCycle type listings
    • etc
  • The Village Common is a non profit making venture , and will be owned cooperatively
  • The Village Common’s technology will be released under open source licensing thus making it free to set up and use anywhere, in any community / area / country

The Village Common’s Projects

The Village Common – Mobile / Web community exchange app

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Directory of Good – a directory of groups / projects / people working for a fairer and more sustainable UK/World

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Who currently Owns / Runs The Village Common ?

Everyone who contributes to it or uses it 🙂

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